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Best Android keylogger apps | What are the top software to monitor Android phone or tablet?

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If you are interested in purchasing an Android keylogger app then you are definitely looking to keep tabs on someone’s smartphone or tablet. Typically, these are situations with parents who need to keep track of the kids and also employers who wish to monitor their employees’ activities. The benefit of using this technology lies in the fact that once installed the user will be able to remotely view what the person is up to. For example; many keyloggers for Android usually come with a tracking function. As a result it is possible to know where your child is within a few feet. Others could be used to spy on Whatsapp conversations and text messages. The program runs hidden in the background which means the person using the device would be totally unaware that you are keeping an eye on them. In the end all the information gathered could be considered pretty accurate and could be used to deal with any situation which might occur.

In terms of installation it is a matter of simply installing the keylogger app onto the device which requires tracking. Android monitoring software is similar to any other app and setup similarly. When activated it will then go into action capturing each and every communication it was made for. The information would then be sent via the web to either an email account or a surveillance account. Then everything would be shown to the user. In this review of Android keylogger apps we would be looking at three of them. Two are for smart phones primarily and the other is for the tablets.

Your best options for the smartphones are either Mobile spy or Mobistealth. Each has their own benefit over the other in which Mobile spy is usually the preferred choice. The reason being, is that it could be used to track Whatsapp messages and also it offer its user the capability to monitoring three cell phones with one license. Mobistealth however; is much cheaper and also could be used to tap the Android phone. Therefore as you may have realized it really depends on what you wish to accomplish which determines the app chosen. Below is a description of each of the products including features, price and further details.

mobile spy software

Features: The capability to track the android phone, sms messages, calls, websites visited; photos and videos taken, whatsapp messenger, facebook messenger, twitter and emails. This app is also able to send sms commands with the ability to lock, unlock or even wipe the phones contents remotely.

Price: Starting at $49.95USD

Further Details:


Features: This Android keylogger app is capable of listening in on phone conversations and also spying on text messages, pictures and videos taken; appointments,websites visited, contact details, smart phone gps coordinates and sim changes.

Price: Starting at $39.95USD

Further Details:


When dealing with monitoring a  tablet then you would need to take a look at Peektab. This is a very new area in which the user would be able to track the Android tablet, calls, text messages, contact information, photos, apps installed and website history. The starting price of Peektab is just $29.95. For further details on this keylogger for Android tablet

FAQ – What most people would want to know about Android keylogger software

Can i spy on any Android device with this technology?

Yes, basically any tablet or smartphone utilizing this operating system could be monitored by using an Android keylogger software. Tablet monitoring software is more limited right now because tablet technology on a whole is fairly new.

Is spying on someone’s smart phone or tablet illegal?

Monitoring software is legal however the purpose may not be. If the purpose is for employee or parental monitoring of the Android device then it is highly likely the use is within the law. If it is for another reason then caution must be taking and advice from a local attorney. If the use is outside of the law then the implementation of the Android keylogger app must be aborted in its entirety.

What is the best program to use for a cell phone?

In this review website we recommend to use either Mobile spy or Mobistealth when looking to track an Android phone communication. These have similar features such as monitoring text messages, phone calls, gps locations, photos, websites etc. However, the main difference is in its key features. Mobistealth allows its users to listen in on phone conversations which could be pretty useful in many circumstances. It is also cheaper starting at less than 40 bucks. If you are interested in finding out more then visit

Mobile spy on the other hand allows its users to monitor Whatsapp messages and control the mobile through special sms messages. Turning on, off or completely wiping the device remotely is possible with this feature. It may cost more but it could be considered worth it since it offers Sniperspy which is a computer keylogger application when the annual subscription is purchased. For further details on this keylogger for Android phones .

What is the best app for a tablet?

When it comes to monitoring a tablet then Peektab is definitely the way to go. It works on most Android tablets and it allow the user to track the tablet, text messages, photos etc. The cost starts at $29.95USD and further details could be gathered if you  

How does software work?

The basics of these apps are simple. For starters the device would need a connection to the internet to operate and this could be either through a data package or wifi. The program is then installed and activated via a license key. From there the Android keylogger software commence recording communications of the device. This information is sent via the internet to either an email address or a special account. The user would then be able to browse everything which was captured by this application.

Top Android phone keylogger – Find out how to spy on an Android phone effectively

spy-on-Android-phoneAndroid phone keyloggers have been around for quite some time now with the earlier ones doing simple tasks such as tracking the Android phone and its text messages. As time pressed on additional features were added such as website monitoring and also smart phone tapping. In terms of advancements most vendors tend to develop new features for Android smart phones first so they are generally ahead of the game. Another note is that usually a keylogger is considered as an app which records each stroke typed. However; presently keyloggers for Android phones only capture transmissions which have been sent or received. Therefore, capturing passwords etc would not be possible as yet with this type of technology.

How does an Android phone spy work?

There are only two requirements needed for this technology to operate. This is the cell phone in question has internet connectivity and also the app is compatible with the version of the O/S installed on the device. Once that is covered then the setup and installed could be done. As surveillance data is collected it is actually sent through the internet to the user’s account. This maybe an email address in which a log file is sent or a surveillance account in which there would be a control panel. Either way the information would be used by the user to tackle a particular problem in which they are confronting. Since the keylogger runs in the background of the phone the user would not know what is occurring. This would mean he or she would go along doing whatever he or she is accustomed doing. Therefore what is seen could be considered as a true picture of the circumstance.

What do people use these apps for?

In general the most common uses are for employee and parental monitoring. As a parent Android phone keylogger software gives them a snapshot of what is occurring with their kids which they may not discover otherwise. Let’s face it, children prefer not to go to their parents when it comes to issues or situations. In fact they would probably be punished if they were discovered. As a result these programs give the adult a heads up on what is occurring. The gps tracking function is quite a popular one in this realm because it alerts parents to the location of their kids at all time. Likewise employers would have an insight to whether their staff are involved in abuse of authority or even company espionage. Therefore this technology is an overall benefit to everyone.

Are there any programs recommended?

In general the best programs are Mobile spy and Mobistealth. Basic functions include spying on Android text messages, gps location, pictures, contact details, calender events etc. The main different is in each ones top function in which Mobistealth is capable of tapping an Android phone conversations and background. It also comes in three different versions Lite, Pro and Prox which puts it in the price range of most persons. For further details simply and decide whether this app is right for you based on all of its functions.

Mobile spy on the other hand can be used to track Whatsapp conversations and also comes with the capability of monitoring three separate smart phones.  It maybe a bit pricer however; the fact that you can track more than one device does compensate for it tremendously. This app is currently leading the market today but because it lacks the phone tapping capability people may choose Mobistealth over it. For further details just

Free Android keylogger app – Learn where you could find a free monitoring software for Android devices?

mobile spy app

Are you interested in a free Android keylogger app? Then look no further because in this review we will let you know everything about these surveillance applications. The first thing which you must be aware of is that these programs are not for free indefinitely. Actually they are on a trial basis of 7 days and at the end of it you will be able to decide whether to proceed with a purchase. This mean that if you discovered what you are looking for then; you could forget about proceeding any further with a purchase because there is no obligation. However; if you would like to find out more then you simply purchase a subscription which is just a few bucks.

One of the benefits of going the route of using a trial is that you would already know whether the keylogger was working for you. Many apps do not deliver on their promise and you would only discover this after the purchase. During the trial of the app you would definitely know prior to buying it if it is worth your while. Presently, there are only two Android keylogger apps which offers its user a test drive prior to purchasing. These are Mobile spy and Peektab respectively.

Mobile spy is a free Android phone keylogger which means it can only work with smart phones. None the less it is capable to tracking the smart phone location, text messages, Whatsapp chat, youtube videos, pictures taken, events planned etc. It takes a matter of minutes to install and could also be used to monitor other types of cell phones such as Blackberry, iphone, Windows mobile and Symbian phones. If after the trial you would like to purchase it then you would be looking at around 50 bucks for a basic subscription. For more details on how to get started with Mobile spy .

Peektab on the other is a tablet monitoring app which specialises in tracking iphone and Android tablets activities. It can be used to track the Android tablet, sms messages, contacts, websites visited,  photos and more. It costs just $29.95USD for a subscription. For more details on this free Android keylogger app simply

Top Android tablet keylogger – Start monitoring tablet pc activities?

android tablet spy

If you have an Android tablet you wish to monitor then you would definitely need an Android tablet keylogger. This software is used to keep track of the activities of this PC and send the information back to the user remotely. As tablets are becoming more popular it is more likely that people are using keylogger for Android tablet instead of one for a regular computer. In general this is usually for parents or employers. Parents usually have their reservations about what their children are up to and this software allow them to become more aware of some of the things which are occurring. The tracker function is especially useful when dealing with them because it pin points the device location and display it on a map. Similar benefits could be acquire by managers who wish to know what their staff is up to during working hours.

The main difference between the two is that the spy app for the tablet does not record every keystroke like the one for a regular computer. If you are interested in purchasing an Android tablet keylogger then your best bet for right now is Peektab. This program is designed to monitor devices running Android as well as the ipad. It is pretty straight forward to setup and only requires that the mobile pc have an internet connection. Once Peektab starts running it will record certain things which are done by the user of the tablet. The records are then sent to the Peektab’s remote server online. To view these records require a special key given during the purchase. Since the information can be viewed online then that means that the you could know what is happening at anytime providing you can access the internet with a web browser.

In the event you are looking to buy this Android tablet spy then you would need to pay a minimum of $29.95USD for a subscription.

The features which Peektab comes with are:

  • Android tablet tracking
  • Contact details logging
  • Website monitoring
  • Photo logging
  • Calendar events monitoring
  • Apps installed

As you could see there are a number of features offered by this program and when utilised together could give a detail picture of the person you wish to monitor. Therefore if you discovered something which needs to be rectified then you can do so.  If you are interested in finding out more about this Android tablet keylogger then .

Android tablet spy software reviews – An informative guide on which apps you should look to acquire to spy on this smart device

 spying on android tabletAre you looking for an android tablet spy in order to monitor some smart device with this operating system?  Well look no further because in this short guide we would be introducing you to some of the hottest programs out there in terms of surveillance. From there you could easily find what you are looking for and handle whatever circumstance you are dealing with accordingly.  So let’s start with what is an android tablet spy app and how it works. It is pretty simple. This technology allows a third party to see what is happening on a device secretly.

You have to download the android keylogger program onto the tablet you wish to track. From there you follow the setup instructions like any other software and activate it. The android tablet monitoring program would then do the rest by logging each activity it is suppose to and then sending it to your online account. The person who is doing the surveillance then can view everything online. Therefore, as you can see that in order to implement these type of programs, the main things you would need is access to install the software and the tablet must have an internet connection (because the data is sent to your online account). Once these two criterion are met then you can go ahead and select which android tablet monitoring program is best for you.

What are my spy options?  

When it comes to spying on an android tablet you are left with two excellent options named Peektab or Phonesheriff. Either one would get the job done but it is really dependent on what level of monitoring you wish to achieve and your budget. Peektab now is a decent an affordable application which allow the user to monitor text messages, call history, apps installed, web history, location (gps tracking), contact details, photos taken and calendar events. For just under 30 bucks you can easily start your monitoring this tablet instantly. For more details about this android tablet monitoring software .


Phonesheriff on the other hand can spy on both tablets as well as smart phones. This means that if you need to switch installation from a tablet to a smart phone you could easily do so unlike with Peektab. Once installed it gives the user the same functions as the competition however; you would also be able to restrict certain activities such as communications between certain contacts; time usage; websites visited etc. This making it excellent as a parental control app for android. The starting cost however is just under 90 bucks however; this is expected because you are definitely getting more with this android tablet spy. To find out more   to go to the official website.

Hottest text message spy programs – How to monitor text messages covertly of any smart phone?

text message spy appIf you are looking to monitor the text messages of a smart phone then you have some serious suspicions about the person who is using that particular device. For example, a common scenario is a parent who is curious about what is happening in their child’s life. A young child or teenager is never forth coming with their issues and as a result the adult would not be able to help them. However; by using a text message spy it is quite possible to find out what is happening because the information which is shared among their friends would now be in your hands to utilise.

Although the type of software is known as a text message monitoring app the technology itself does not only spy on sms messages. A basic program would also allow you to track the emails or even the mobile itself which is really cool. This mean that you would have multiple sources of information when it comes to your surveillance. As a result you would get a better understanding of who you are working with.

So what do I need to get started spying text messages?  

The first thing you would need to do is to ensure that it is possible to use spy software on the device itself. This may seem funny but if the device does not connect to the internet then none of these monitoring programs would work. This is because all the data recorded is sent to the vendors website so that you would need to log onto your account to view what was happening. If there is no issue then the next thing is to look for a decent app. You would need something which is reliable and has good customer service. As mentioned earlier you would acquire additional functions so it is best to look at the package in its totality before making a final decision. In this review we would look at two possible products you can use in which both have a good reputation and provide telephone support for its customers.

Which app should I use?

The first text message spy program we recommend is Mobistealth. It has been around for some time now and it is one of the products which has multiple options. As a result you could either go basic with the Lite option (fewest features) or advance with the Prox option. The best part is that if you need to upgrade your package then it is possible to do so without reloading new software. Install Mobistealth onto the smart phone so that you could also track the mobile’s location, emails, whatsapp chat, websites visited and others. If you really want to go advance it is also possible to record phone conversations and the environment of the device. For further details on how to monitor text messages and more with this product  .

Mobile spy your second option’s starting price maybe a bit more than Mobistealth but it has much more benefits. It comes in one standard version only. This provides the user however with all of the features that its competitor has except the ability to record mobile conversations. In fact it has quite a bit more functions than the competition with some of the most popular being facebook chat recording. Starting price is around 50 dollars which is 10 bucks more but you do get your money’s worth. If you would like to find out more about this text message monitoring app then

Best whatsapp spy apps reviews – Your guide to the best software in remote whatsapp monitoring

woman spying on whatsapp chat through the hard way

Are you looking for a powerful whatsapp spy app which would give you the ability to spy on virtually any Android or iphone conversation? Now you don’t have to go any further because we will be reviewing two of the top whatsapp monitoring tools available at this very moment. This would give you a choice in which you can choose the best one to suit your particular scenario. Presently, there are no programs which allow you to track this messenger conversations solely so, you would acquire additional functionality which you did not initially expected.

For example most whatsapp spy software carry standard features such as monitoring text messages or the capability to track the smart phone. Others take it a step further and allow you to listen in on phone conversations. These extra features are great because it can give you a better idea of the kind of person you are monitoring. Of course this come with a price and as a result, the greater the surveillance you wish, the more you would have to pay.

So what is needed to use this type of software?

The main things which are needed to spy on whatsapp messenger with this type of technology are online connectivity and also access to the device. The fact that the person is using whatsapp messenger demonstrate that the person is utilising an internet connection. This could either be through a local network or their cell phone carrier’s internet service. Either way that is covered and you would have to deal with the next issue which is installation. In general it would take around 10 minutes to get everything up and running. Once the setup is completed, it would be a matter of going online to view what has been captured. The whatsapp monitoring software works in the background of the mobile undetected every single minute of the day to keep you informed.

What spy app should I choose?

In the realm of whatsapp spy software you would definitely be looking at either Mobile spy or Stealthgenie. Mobile spy is the top cell phone monitoring software on the market today and it boost a plethora of features including the ability to track the mobile, sms messages, call history, facebook chat, windows live messenger, yahoo chat, blackberry messenger, imessages, photos, videos, you tube videos watched and others. In all it gives you more than you can ask for or need in this type of surveillance application. The only thing missing is its ability to listen in on phone conversations which is an excellent feature however; is usually not necessary. The cost starts at around 50 bucks for a subscription and increases accordingly to your surveillance requirements.  For further information and take a look at the main website.

Stealthgenie on the other hand has similar basic features to Mobile spy but takes things a bit further with its cell phone tapping feature. This allow the user to record mobile conversations and then play them at a convenient time later. As mentioned in general this is not needed for most scenarios but would definitely come in handy for those persons who chat on their phone more often than using whatsapp messenger. The cost comes in higher at around 80 bucks but it is definitely worth the price. If you would like to find out more details about this whatsapp spy app then  to visit the official website.

Peektab Review – Is this the best tablet spy app available today?

December 22, 2012 Peektab No Comments

peektab monitoring softwareDo you want to monitor a tablet pc communications or activities? Are you considering using an app called Peektab? Well there are somethings you might want to know about this particular program first. For starters tablet monitoring technology is relatively new due to the fact that tablet pcs currently is a relatively new technology itself. However, as tablets are becoming increasingly popular so as the demand for software to keep track of them. In one scenario you will have the parents who would like to know what is occuring with their children. Are they abusing their privileges or behaving themselves? Another scenario will be an employer who would want to do the same.

In each scenario that you could imagine it is possible to utilize Peektab to acquire basic information about the person you are watching. It works on both Android and ipad tablets so that it covers the majority of these devices on the market today. It is relatively simple to install and you simply follow the step by step instructions. If you are an ipad user then you would need to jailbreak the ipad prior to installing this program. There are plenty apps on the market today which deal with that and if you are interested in finding out more on jailbreaking an ipad then simply            .

The next step would be waiting as Peektab does its job collecting all the details it was designed for on the particular device. The details would be uploaded onto its server and the user would be given a special security code to access their information.

The features included with Peektab are:

  • Tablet tracking: View the location of the device through its gps coordinates. Once the gps chip is functioning then the position is easily captured and transposed to a map.
  •  Web browsing history: See where the person goes to as he or she surfs the internet.
  • Contact details: Capture all the information on the tablet’s contact list
  • Photo Logging: View each photo captured by the device.
  • Calendar Events: See all events and times.
  • Apps Installed: Record all the applications which are setup on the unit.

It may seem basic but these functions give you great access into the person you wish to keep track of. Also the list grows so in the future it will add on according to the demands of the persons. The cost for a subscription starts at $29.97USD. For further details simply

Mobistealth review – A guide to everything you would need to know about this program before purchasing

December 20, 2012 Mobistealth pro No Comments

mobistealth pro x

Mobistealth pro is a mobile phone keylogger which has become pretty popular on the internet today. Unlike many apps which have advertised and fail to come up to scratch. Mobistealth has delivered on every feature which it has promised to give. This is from the basic sms monitoring to the more complex cell phone tapping feature.  It takes a few minutes to install and when it goes into action would start recording every transmission and activity it was designed for. The person utilising this app would then log on to their account and view the surveillance details. In the event of any difficulties then you would have the option to call customer service and get your problem rectified during specific hours. This surely beats the typical ticket system in which you would have to wait as communications are sent back and forth.

This particular program is compatible with the majority of smart phone types on the market today and this includes Blackberry, iphone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android (e.g.Samsung,HTC, LG etc). Mobistealth also work with the Samsung Galaxy tablet so that you can keep track of that particular pc operation. When it comes time to buy then you would have three different options which are the lite Pro and Prox. Each comes with its set of features in which the Lite has the least and the Prox has the most. The cost for a subscription being between $39.95 and $199.95USD.

So what can I do with Mobisteath?

Once configured on a smartphone you would be able to:

  • Read text messages
  • Track the cell phone location
  • View pictures and videos taken by the mobile
  • Monitor Whatsapp chat
  • Monitor Blackberry messenger chat
  • View any sim card changes
  • Listen in on cell phone conversations (particular Android phones only)
  • Listen in on the environment of the mobile
  • Check contact details
  • Check call history

As you may have realised there is quite a bit of details to be gained by using this particular program in which cell phone tracking and call tapping being the most popular. Since Mobistealth comes in different packages you have the benefit of choosing a package which truly suits you. This makes it easy on your pocket and if you so choose you could upgrade at anytime for additional functionality.

Additional Information

Mobistealth comes with a 10 day money back guarantee on its product. If you are interested in finding out more about the particulars please

Mobile Spy software review – What you would need to know about this cell phone spy app?

December 20, 2012 Mobile spy No Comments

mobile spy app

In the realm of cell phone monitoring most persons have heard about Mobile Spy. It is one of the most popular programs on the internet today because of its features and reliability. Its makers are RetinaX studios who have been in the surveillance software industry for sometime now. They do not specialise only in keyloggers for cell phones but also computers and tablet pcs. Mobile spy has been its flag ship app in the cell phone spy world and it has been continuously been modified as the years go by and technology changes. This app is compatible with most smart phone types including Blackberry, iphone, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Once configured onto a smart phone it goes under cover capturing its transmissions and activities secretly and then relating the information to an online secure server so that the user could easily view it. Due to the fact the server is online means that the surveillance details could be viewed anytime and anywhere in the world. Now we have talked a bit about this app let’s discuss what it can really do.

What are Mobile Spy Features?

Once setup on a mobile phone this app is capable of:

  • Phone history logging: All calls are captured whether inbound or outbound.
  • sms spying: Recording each text message sent or received by the smartphone.
  • Gps tracking: Mobile spy captures the gps coordinates of the cell phone and displays it on a map so that the user would know precisely where the device is.
  • Youtube video tracking: Each Youtube video watched is recorded.
  • Photo and Video logging: Every video or photo taken by the mobile is uploaded onto the secure server.
  • Social Network monitoring: Twitter and Facebook are monitored.
  • Web activity logging: Each website visited by the device is captured and upload onto the server.
  • Instant messenger tracking: Spy on the most popular instant messenger services such as Whatsapp, blackberry messenger, msn, aol and yahoo.
  • Remote Controlling: Through special sms commands it is possible to turn off; turn on or even wipe the mobile remotely.
  • Live Surveillance: This add on does not come with the basic package but offers the ability to view exactly what is on the cell phone screen as the user types. This is virtually a key stroke logger capable of capturing passwords.

As you may have noticed it offers quite a bit of functionality and virtually nothing would escape the person if he or she was to implement this program.

Additional Benefits:

Unlike other cell phone monitoring programs Mobile spy offer two unique set of benefits which are not offered anywhere else presently. The first one is that multiple devices can be monitored with one subscription which is excellent for companies and also families. The other is the fact that with a year subscription you would be entitled to a free computer monitoring app known as Sniper spy. This is best of both worlds. For more details about this cell phone spy

Android phone tracker app – How to know an Android phone location?

android tracking softwareDo you wish to track the Android phone of your children or staff members? Is it important to know where someone is at all times. Then read how it is possible to do so by using a special Android tracker app to capture the movements of that smart phone. Let’s face it, there are times knowing the location of someone is truly beneficial. As a parent you would want know if your child is where he is suppose to be such as school. As a manager you may also want to know exactly where your staff members are at all time especially with certain occupations such as deliveries.

Providing the Android phone you wish to monitor has a functioning gps chip, then you would be able to track that smart phone’s location. Just setup the program of your choice onto the mobile and it would start capturing the coordinates. This information would then be uploaded to the Android phone tracker website in which the coordinates would then be converted onto a map. The user of the software would then log on to the website using their security code to view their specific information. Since everything is done online it means that the user could have acess to the mobile’s location at anytime. Even if that person is in a different area or country.

Also these tracker apps come with additional features such as sms spying, website monitoring, phone book details etc. Therefore, if you truly wish additional information about the person it is definitely possible. You could monitor virtually any transmission out there with these Android phone keyloggers but be aware that the more advance the features then the more you would have to pay. In terms of a simple tracker program then it is recommended to use Mobistealth. It cost under 40 bucks for its basic subscription and it secretly hides in the background so that the mobile phone user is unaware that he is being tracked. It offers additional surveillance features as those mentioned earlier  and remote control functionality (such as call filtering etc) as well. If you are interested in finding out more about this Android tracking program then .

An alternative which could be used is Mobile spy which offers similar monitoring functionality as Mobistealth. It however offers its users the ability to follow multiple cell phones. It costs a bit more but if this option is utilized then it would be more economical. This app is heavily used in Android parental monitoring. For more details on this Android phone tracker

sms monitoring software – How to see my kids text messages?

check your kids text messages

If you would like to see your kid’s text messages then there are two methods to do so. The first technique is to snoop through their text messages when he or she is not looking. It can be quite effective if he or she does not know you are doing so and also it is free. However; if you are discovered then your child would definitely stop sending certain sms messages or start to delete them. This would make this method completely useless. The alternative is to use sms monitoring software and in that way you could read your child’s text messages remotely online.

The app works pretty straight forward in that it must be setup on the smart phone itself. It then uses the internet to activate itself and send all the information recorded to a remote account. The user will then simply log on to the account and view the details. Many programs allow you to do basic functions such as sort, search and view data. Another thing which might also interest you is that sms monitoring software is also capable of spying on other communications. This means that you would not only be able to spy on text messages.

For instance many of these programs have a smart phone tracker function which means that the parent could easily view where their kid is located. This feature usually comes in a map form with the spot pointed to with an indicator. Other features are sim change notifications, cell phone tapping, phonebook details and event capturing. Virtually any communication could be captured and when combined with the ability to see your kid’s text messages the who picture of their circumstance could be understood. The only thing to do would be to choose an app which best suit your needs.


As mentioned before these programs come with additional features which is a major contributor in terms of selection. The price is also one which is usually representative of the type of features the vendors offer. In other words you could be paying a few bucks for a simple application or hundreds for a more advance one. If you are looking for a decent program then it is best to go with Spybubble. It is an affordable surveillance program with a price of just under 50 bucks and it includes other monitoring features such as tracking, email monitoring and phone book details. If you would like to go a bit further then that is no problem because it offers a Pro version which allows you to listen in on cell phone conversations as well as its environment.  It may cost more but you would get quite a bit more than just monitoring your kid’s text messages. For further details on Spybubble simply

Another program which could be used is Mobile spy. It contains the same monitoring features as its competitor however; it can also spy on whatsapp, facebook and twitter. In addition, one license could be used to track three separate devices. The starting price is 50 bucks but it is definitely worth it if you wish to view more than one cell phone. If you are interested in learning more about this program simply

Android parental monitoring apps – What are my best options when it comes to tracking my kids phone usage?

parental monitoring for android

In the world  today, Android parental monitoring apps are becoming more popular as the days go by. Android phones are becoming the most common type to use and it is the main operating system for top mobile phone brands such as Samsung, LG, HTC and others. If you are a parent who decide to furnish your child with a smart phone then it is pertinent that you install some form of parental control or monitoring technology to stay in touch with what they are doing. A simple app could help you check your kid’s text messages or even track their whereabouts. This means that you would be aware of most of what is happening in their lives. You won’t be able to know everything but you will be better equipped to deal with certain circumstances that may arises.

Since this technology runs in the background of the phone; the child would not have a clue that you are watching him or her. Then anything seen could be considered as truthful  because they won’t be hiding anything or covering up. Also, it won’t compromise your relationship because he or she wont think you don’t trust them. On that point many parents even consider Android parental monitoring software to be an invasion of privacy. However; if you do think so please consider the pros and cons. If you are not aware of what is happening with your kids then there is no way to help them. He or she maybe in something way over their head but due to lack of knowledge you may not be aware of it until it is too late. As a result these programs were developed to give you an edge in terms of knowledge. If used correctly it would be possible to guide your children better until they are adults.

Now that we talked about the benefits lets take a look at some of the more popular Android parental control apps on the market today. One of the top ones right now is Spybubble. Once it is installed onto the smart phone it would allow the user to not only track text messages but also websites visited, phonebook details etc but also filter some communications. It also allow you to listen in on your child’s cell phone conversations and environment but this is for the pro users only. In terms of price it is just $49.95 for a subscription for the basic with the Pro option presently costing an additional 40 bucks. For more details

Another popular program is Mobile spy it has the same basic monitoring functions as Spybubble but it can also monitor Whatsapp conversations, facebook, twitter and other common messenger services. For those who have more than one child with a smart phone this program gives you the option to track three devices with one subscription. Therefore, although the cost might be a bit more using it for a family would result in it being cheaper than buying multiple licenses of its competitor. In addition there is one more advantage and that stems from the fact that Sniperspy is free with the annual subscription. This is a program which could be used to monitor your kid’s computer. To learn more about Mobile Spy Android parental monitoring features

Android sms spy app – How to track Android text messages easily

December 18, 2012 Android sms spy apps No Comments

android text message spy

Are you looking to spy on Android sms messages? Are you curious about what your children or employees are up to? Well look no further because in this review we will take a look at the top programs on the market today when it comes to monitoring the text messages of an Android phone. If you have not heard about this technology there is no worries because it is easy to explain. These apps function by simply being installed on the mobile phone which is to be monitored. Once installed the Android phone keylogger will start intercepting each sms message.

As the information is gathered by the Android sms spy app it is sent to the user online so that they may review what is going on. Although the primary focus of this type of software is spying on Android text messages they can do quite a bit more. This include monitoring websites visited, calls, emails and more. This additional functionality could really be helpful in acquiring more information about the person in question especially with the tracker function. This allow you to view the exact location of the mobile phone on a map. Therefore if he or she is suppose to be at point A and is at point B then as the user you would know what to do. It maybe a child skipping school or a staff member who is going off route. Either way you could easily see the benefits of using these applications.

What Android sms spy app should I use?

When it comes to monitoring text messages it is best to use either Phonesheriff or Mobile spy. Phonesheriff is a basic text message interceptor which has additional functionality. This include call history recording; gps tracking; contact details; calendar history; photo logs; websites visited; application usage etc. The cost is simply $49.95USD which is affordable for most persons budget. If you are interested in finding out more about this sms interceptor app then. (Please note that Spybubble does offer a Pro package which allow you to tap a phone call to hear what is going on or its environment)

Mobile spy on the hand does a bit more than Spybubble. It has similar basic features to its competitor however; in addition it is able to monitor Whatsapp conversations and also social media (facebook and twitter). The whatsapp recording feature is especially useful since this is replacing standard text messages which mean you have best of both worlds. It cost more than Phonesheriff but the user of Mobile spy will have the option to monitor more than one Android phone. For further details on this Android sms spy visit