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Free Android keylogger app – Learn where you could find a free monitoring software for Android devices?

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Are you interested in a free Android keylogger app? Then look no further because in this review we will let you know everything about these surveillance applications. The first thing which you must be aware of is that these programs are not for free indefinitely. Actually they are on a trial basis of 7 days and at the end of it you will be able to decide whether to proceed with a purchase. This mean that if you discovered what you are looking for then; you could forget about proceeding any further with a purchase because there is no obligation. However; if you would like to find out more then you simply purchase a subscription which is just a few bucks.

One of the benefits of going the route of using a trial is that you would already know whether the keylogger was working for you. Many apps do not deliver on their promise and you would only discover this after the purchase. During the trial of the app you would definitely know prior to buying it if it is worth your while. Presently, there are only two Android keylogger apps which offers its user a test drive prior to purchasing. These are Mobile spy and Peektab respectively.

Mobile spy is a free Android phone keylogger which means it can only work with smart phones. None the less it is capable to tracking the smart phone location, text messages, Whatsapp chat, youtube videos, pictures taken, events planned etc. It takes a matter of minutes to install and could also be used to monitor other types of cell phones such as Blackberry, iphone, Windows mobile and Symbian phones. If after the trial you would like to purchase it then you would be looking at around 50 bucks for a basic subscription. For more details on how to get started with Mobile spy .

Peektab on the other is a tablet monitoring app which specialises in tracking iphone and Android tablets activities. It can be used to track the Android tablet, sms messages, contacts, websites visited,  photos and more. It costs just $29.95USD for a subscription. For more details on this free Android keylogger app simply