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Best whatsapp spy apps reviews – Your guide to the best software in remote whatsapp monitoring

woman spying on whatsapp chat through the hard way

Are you looking for a powerful whatsapp spy app which would give you the ability to spy on virtually any Android or iphone conversation? Now you don’t have to go any further because we will be reviewing two of the top whatsapp monitoring tools available at this very moment. This would give you a choice in which you can choose the best one to suit your particular scenario. Presently, there are no programs which allow you to track this messenger conversations solely so, you would acquire additional functionality which you did not initially expected.

For example most whatsapp spy software carry standard features such as monitoring text messages or the capability to track the smart phone. Others take it a step further and allow you to listen in on phone conversations. These extra features are great because it can give you a better idea of the kind of person you are monitoring. Of course this come with a price and as a result, the greater the surveillance you wish, the more you would have to pay.

So what is needed to use this type of software?

The main things which are needed to spy on whatsapp messenger with this type of technology are online connectivity and also access to the device. The fact that the person is using whatsapp messenger demonstrate that the person is utilising an internet connection. This could either be through a local network or their cell phone carrier’s internet service. Either way that is covered and you would have to deal with the next issue which is installation. In general it would take around 10 minutes to get everything up and running. Once the setup is completed, it would be a matter of going online to view what has been captured. The whatsapp monitoring software works in the background of the mobile undetected every single minute of the day to keep you informed.

What spy app should I choose?

In the realm of whatsapp spy software you would definitely be looking at either Mobile spy or Stealthgenie. Mobile spy is the top cell phone monitoring software on the market today and it boost a plethora of features including the ability to track the mobile, sms messages, call history, facebook chat, windows live messenger, yahoo chat, blackberry messenger, imessages, photos, videos, you tube videos watched and others. In all it gives you more than you can ask for or need in this type of surveillance application. The only thing missing is its ability to listen in on phone conversations which is an excellent feature however; is usually not necessary. The cost starts at around 50 bucks for a subscription and increases accordingly to your surveillance requirements.  For further information and take a look at the main website.

Stealthgenie on the other hand has similar basic features to Mobile spy but takes things a bit further with its cell phone tapping feature. This allow the user to record mobile conversations and then play them at a convenient time later. As mentioned in general this is not needed for most scenarios but would definitely come in handy for those persons who chat on their phone more often than using whatsapp messenger. The cost comes in higher at around 80 bucks but it is definitely worth the price. If you would like to find out more details about this whatsapp spy app then  to visit the official website.